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Quick HTML bar graphs with Excel, Table Tango

Stop using those annoying spacer GIFs or using weird CSS tricks, and try out this awesome technique for creating wicked cool online bar graphs in 5 minutes or less: INGREDIENTS: Microsoft Excel A pinch of math Table Tango (you’re going … Continue reading

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Daily Star zaps reader comments

The Arizona Daily Star, apparently fed up with the army of trolls on its message boards, has delivered the online equivalent of capital punishment: it has shut down several of its boards. The reason, from executive editor Bobbie Jo Buel: … Continue reading

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Yahoo gets all shook up

The AP reports that Yahoo is going through with its long-awaited restructuring. The changes come in light of their struggling stock price and a notorious memo by one of its vice-presidents, which has been dubbed ‘The Peanut Butter Manifesto’ (read … Continue reading

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Web design inspiration galleries

Thanks be to Angela Grant and Will Sullivan for drawing attention to this fabulous Flickr gallery featuring screenshots for design inspiration. All dried up for ideas? Here are some other good ones to bookmark: CSS-Galleries, Web Creme, CoolHomePages, and, in … Continue reading

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Fort Myers News-Press works its mojo … yeah, baby!

Check out this Washington Post article documenting the efforts of the mojos (that’s buzzspeak for “mobile journalists”) at Gannett’s Fort Myers News Press. This hardy group of young journalists roams the city with Kevin Sites-like gear bags and reports on … Continue reading

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Will users work for content and like it?

[UPDATE: 12-2-06, 11:28 p.m. —  Some good discussion is going on in the comments.]   Would making users jump through a few hoops make your content more valuable and more viewed? Amy Gahran from Poynter writes about an, an e-mail service that … Continue reading

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