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Placeblogger’s Top 10 in America list

If you haven’t perused the Top 10 list of placeblogs over at Placeblogger, you are certainly missing out. There were a few local blogs on the list I had not yet run across that I will be sifting through in the next … Continue reading

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Washington Post on the Backfence meltdown

The Washington Post has a more in-depth report on the recent staff cutbacks and loss of the CEO at the hyperlocal site Backfence. Some of the more stinging remarks: “Realistically, it’s going to take close to 10 years for the … Continue reading

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Discussions on the future of journalism education

I know I’m a day late, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fine interview between ICM’s Bryan Murley and Gatehouse Media’s Howard Owens on what might happen to our young journalists if colleges don’t shape up quick. … Continue reading

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Getting started in WordPress checklist

If you’re pondering converting your blog to the easy-to-use WordPress or starting a new one, here’s a handy checklist from Download Squad of things to do once you install the blog software. Hmmm … I still need a favicon. Also, … Continue reading

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New York Times covers citizen journalism trend

Just caught an article that ran in yesterday’s New York Times about various local citizen journalism initiatives being carried out by individuals. (Also, make sure to check out David Carr’s interesting take on journalists blogging, and pay particularly attention to … Continue reading

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Roundup of Yahoo! Local features

Search Engine Watch has published an interesting feature on Yahoo! Local’s attempts to increasingly incorporate user-generated content into their listings. Some of the new features include allowing users to edit business listings by updating outdated addresses or flagging locations that … Continue reading

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Stupid-proof map creator tool

Mindy McAdams posted a link to Atlas, an easy-to-use map-making tool. HOW easy is it to use? I signed up for an account, typed in the address for the Orlando Sentinel and made this map. Total time: Less than 1-1/2 … Continue reading

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Mourning the state of cafecito in Hialeah

My hometown of Hialeah, what is likely the most Cuban-American city in the United States and a place where 92% of its residents are Spanish speakers, has been forever changed. A Starbucks has opened. And on the big 49th Street … Continue reading

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British newspapers paying Google for headline placement

Do I hear $10 for “Saddam Hussein hanging?” $15? PaidContent highlights a Wall Street Journal report on the growing trend in the U.K. toward newspapers bidding on sponsored links on Google for news events. Some American newspapers have gotten in … Continue reading

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Journalism students, professors need to read this

Mindy McAdams shouts it from the mountaintop: Students need a different skill set to prosper, and even survive, in today’s hectic journalism marketplace. She writes: “Now, let me hasten to say that some of those students are the very ones … Continue reading

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News design roundup, new monthly column

The Editors Weblog is beginning a new monthly column on news site design, and their first post is a great roundup of some changes taking place in the industry. Their first column features National Geographic, the Guardian and the recent … Continue reading

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Asia leads the way in blogs

Steve Safran at Lost Remote drew attention to a surprising discovery: Asia, particularly Japan, South Korea and China, are way ahead of the United State in terms of blog readership. Check out Safran’s post for links about the study, or just check out the … Continue reading

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