Survey: Sports writers hate them blogs

According to a University of Mississippi study by Brad Schultz, 74 percent of sports writers surveyed disagreed that “blogging builds audience,” and 67 percent believe that those who read the blogs do not consume their traditional sports content.

Is anyone surprised? If we assume, for the sake of argument, that it’s true that people who read blogs don’t consume traditional sports content, then doesn’t that build audience?

It’s a shame really. Sports blogs can often become some of the most successful blogs, particularly at mid-size and small newspapers that don’t have strong national audiences for things like politics, entertainment, technology and lifestyle. As any sports blogging enthusiast will tell you, blogs also provide an outlet for the great tidbits that never make it into the paper’s story.

Foolish, foolish writers. Just because you don’t like blogs or prefer to write long pieces for the paper doesn’t mean you can’t understand that they have an important and unique place in journalism now.

[Thanks to Will Sullivan]

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