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Yahoo ad gone awry

This is just classic. [Photo by jkenning] Here’s a link for those of you non-geeks wondering just what the heck is so funny. Back story is here.

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Ouch. Newspaper circulation dips again

Editor & Publisher reports on big circulation declines at metro papers, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations: “As in the past, the losses are steep while gains are minimal. This is the fifth consecutive reporting period that overall newspaper … Continue reading

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10-minute tutorials for the Flash-impaired

Flashionista and University of Florida professor extraordinaire Mindy McAdams has published some long-awaited tutorials on how to use Flash. The tutorials, each 10 minutes long, are geared toward those of you who have yet to crack Flash open or are … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Speedy text edits with Microsoft Word hidden characters

Ever had a really long block of text that needed an extra line after every mark? Or are there random extra spaces littered throughout some text you received? Are Word macros a mystery to you? Being a busy Web producer … Continue reading

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Typetester: Tool to compare fonts online

Typetester is a wonderful little online tool that lets you quickly compare just about every aspect of type that can be altered using CSS. The tool lets you compare font, leading, size, word spacing, weight, text decoration and much more. … Continue reading

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Journalism ethics in an understandable nutshell

The world of journalism ethics can be a complicated, scary place. The New York Times’ code of ethics [PDF] is almost thick enough at 57 pages to qualify as a textbook. Even some of the shorter ones, such as that … Continue reading

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Center releases study on newspaper business blogs

A study released today finds that business blogs have not caught on at smaller publications, that they often focus on local issues, and that topics varied broadly without a particular emphasis. The study, commissioned by the Donald W. Reynolds National … Continue reading

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New Google Maps tutorials for PHP, MySQL

The folks over at Google Maps have just written up some new rockin tutorials on how to do neat, advanced stuff with map mashups. I’ll be tearing through these soon, at least once I pick through some of the loot … Continue reading

Posted in maps, tutorials | Comments Off rolls out double-click reference has apparently rolled out a feature wherein users can double-click any word in a story and a dictionary or encyclopedia page will pop up. There’s a small, easy-to-miss line at the bottom of stories explaining the function. Very nifty … Continue reading

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Virginia Tech newspaper front pages has an excellent roundup of front pages, both in the U.S. and international, of the Virgina Tech massacre. Make sure to take a look at the Collegiate Times‘ touching treatment of the story and see what designers everywhere are … Continue reading

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Daily Telegraph takes heat for Virginia Tech article

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Australia is taking heat from U.S. readers for publishing the photo of one of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre and characterizing her as having “sparked” the killings. The Telegraph published a note inside … Continue reading

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Newsday’s Handelsman wins Pulitzer for Flash cartoons

In what I believe to be a first, an editorial cartoonist who also creates Web animations from his work has won the coveted Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning.  The Pulitzer entry from Walt Handelsman of Newsday includes his Web animations. … Continue reading

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