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Roundup of Minneapolis bridge collapse interactive coverage

Below is a roundup of links to interesting infographics, maps, databases and other types of interactive coverage of the Minneapolis bridge collapse. Also, IRE has an excellent set of bridge-related resources. (NOTE: I’ve updated the list a few times with … Continue reading

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Journalistopia Cartoon: July 12, 2007

Image URL: Google Maps tutorials and neat examples visit: Google Maps Mania, Google Maps API Blog, and the Journalistopia maps category.

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Google adds neighborhood search

Thank you, o Google Maps team for adding informal neighborhoods to the Maps search function. And thanks for apparently adding little ol’ Orlando (which, most regretfully, was snubbed when adding 3D-esque views for buildings). The search function passes the preliminary … Continue reading

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Google launches new maps blog

Google announced today a new blog called Google LatLong dedicated to providing updates on their Maps, Earth and Local services. “As web mapping (dare I say “the geoweb”?) matures, we’re finding that we have a lot more to communicate about … Continue reading

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Don’t learn the book, just do

[Photo by VJL] Mindy McAdams tells the tale of a student who recently came in wanting to become an independent video journalist. The problem: She doesn’t know a lick of HTML. See her advice to the student. Some like to … Continue reading

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New Google Maps tutorials for PHP, MySQL

The folks over at Google Maps have just written up some new rockin tutorials on how to do neat, advanced stuff with map mashups. I’ll be tearing through these soon, at least once I pick through some of the loot … Continue reading

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Google unleashes My Maps tool

See how easy it is to use the My Maps polygon tool? Google has just unveiled a new mapping tool called My Maps aimed toward everyday users. The tool, which can be accessed by clicking the “My Maps” tab in … Continue reading

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Censorship map of the world

The Financial Times has published an interesting interactive map outlining growing censorship of the Internet in the world. Belarus, Turkey, Thailand and Iran (in that order) have the highest Internet penetration of all the countries described. Also, check out, … Continue reading

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Google Maps gets more detail

The Google Maps team has officially announced some very cool new added detail to certain large cities when in the standard “Map” view. However, the new detail isn’t (yet) available through their API, so tough luck for your lovely mashups. … Continue reading

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Google Maps mashup based on book locations

Now this is what newspapers should be doing to their stories! Check out the new feature on Google Book Search, where some mashups have been created to show on a map all the locations referenced in the text of the … Continue reading

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Stupid-proof map creator tool

Mindy McAdams posted a link to Atlas, an easy-to-use map-making tool. HOW easy is it to use? I signed up for an account, typed in the address for the Orlando Sentinel and made this map. Total time: Less than 1-1/2 … Continue reading

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