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Eye-Tracking Tablets And The Promise of Text 2.0 [Wired]

From “For example: What if those written words were watching you reading them and making adjustments accordingly? Eye-tracking technology and processor-packed tablets promise to react, based on how you’re looking at text – where you pause, how you stare, … Continue reading

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100+ Screenshots of Inauguration Day News Coverage

Want to see how more than 100 major national and international news sites covered the inauguration of Barack Obama? Visit the Flickr photo gallery I put together to see screenshots of news sites’ home pages immediately after Obama was sworn … Continue reading

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How to Save Your Online Clips

Count on the fact that some of the journalism work living on your news site will go up in smoke. To protect yourself, make sure you’re keeping digital copies of your portfolio. [Photo by Mr. Peebles] Journo/developer Joe Murphy has … Continue reading

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Catnip for Online Designers with SND’s Best of Multimedia Entries

Want to see the best online information design the news industry is producing? Then you might want to tune into the SND Update Blog for the next few days as SND highlights entries from their worldwide Best of Multimedia Design … Continue reading

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A Metaphor for News Site Navigation

I ran across this image on Smashing Magazine tonight. I think it eloquently describes one of the biggest challenges specific to news site design: What do you think? Is creating an effective way for users to find enormous amounts of … Continue reading

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Webby Award winners announced (with news organization list)

Just announced: 2008’s Webby Award winners! The Webby Awards picks through the best of the Web and grants awards in more categories than you can shake a stick at. I’ve pored through the list and extracted the winners from news-related … Continue reading

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Instamatically download, combine newspaper front page PDFs

37Signals today highlighted an uber-useful Mac OS X Automator script that pings the Newseum’s repository of newspaper front PDFs and combines them into a single PDF for your viewing pleasure. If that doesn’t make printing out and talking trash about … Continue reading

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SXSW video is online

Head on over to the conference site for South by Southwest (SXSW) for free video from the media and entertainment conference. You’ll want to particularly peruse the Interactive Coverage. And yes, the much-maligned Zuckerberg/Lacy interview is there too. I wasn’t … Continue reading

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80 awesome Photoshop text tutorials

I just love it when someone does the work for me of compiling awesome tutorials. Check out this list of 80 Photoshop text tutorials that covers everything from text written in the sand to the Superman effect. And yes, these … Continue reading

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Visualize your news graphics’ possibilities

Smashing Magazine has produced an excellent list of some of the best data visualization examples on the Web today (hat tip to Melissa Worden). Examine each of these visualizations closely because you’re looking at the first step in the future … Continue reading

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Roundup of Minneapolis bridge collapse interactive coverage

Below is a roundup of links to interesting infographics, maps, databases and other types of interactive coverage of the Minneapolis bridge collapse. Also, IRE has an excellent set of bridge-related resources. (NOTE: I’ve updated the list a few times with … Continue reading

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Job opening for news artist, Flash wizard

Great job opportunity here in Orlando for a Flashionista: The Orlando Sentinel is seeking a senior artist to report and illustrate information graphics for print and online. Our recent newsroom restructuring is complete, and we’re looking for a seasoned visual … Continue reading

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