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Google Maps mashup based on book locations

Now this is what newspapers should be doing to their stories! Check out the new feature on Google Book Search, where some mashups have been created to show on a map all the locations referenced in the text of the … Continue reading

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SofaTube: A different way of looking at content

When you have a spare minute, drop by the new SofaTube, a service that swipes YouTube and Revver videos and completely reconfigures the layout to make it more viewable from far away (hence, on your sofa).SofaTube is apparently being marketed … Continue reading

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Examining the relationship between writer and message board troll

Salon’s Gary Kayima has written a thoughtful, well-written (if somewhat long) piece examining how the outpouring of public commentary is affecting writers’ relationships with their readers. Also, make sure to browse through the comments. Some highlights from his article: “All … Continue reading

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World’s oldest newspaper goes Internet-only

Sweden’s Post och Inrikes Tidningar, recognized by the World Association of Newspapers as the world’s oldest newspaper still in publication, is shutting down its presses and publishing exclusively on the Web, AFP reports. While this seems to be more a … Continue reading

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Digital Edge Award winners list

Eager to see who had snagged some Edgies this year, I visited the site, but their blog seems to be down. Never fear, your humble host was able to snag the list by previewing their RSS feed, so here it … Continue reading

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Rob Curley on Studio 55 vodcast details

Rob Curley, award winner for …er… lots of stuff and now a Washington Post staffer, is delivering the long-awaited details on how and why his former crew at the Naples Daily News created the often-discussed Studio 55 vodcast. Studio 55 is a … Continue reading

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Microsoft offered cash for Wikipedia alterations

Microsoft got its hand slapped by Wikipedia after it was revealed that Microsoft attempted to pay writer Rick Jelliffe for altering Microsoft’s Wikipedia entry, according to an Associated Press report. From the report: Microsoft acknowledged it had approached the writer … Continue reading

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Newspapers slashing intern budgets

Woe to the wide-eyed college senior who dreams of scoring that big, paid career-making internship. In these troubled times, newspapers are seriously slashing their budget for paid interns, according to a detailed report from Leann Frola, a Naughton fellow with … Continue reading

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Have you checked your domain name lately?

Martin Stabe reports on a strange occurence: Google Germany apparently lost its domain name,, to a domain squatter last night but quickly got it back. The lesson: Check all of your domains right now and make sure your web host has … Continue reading

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Predicting Armaggedon for newspapers

Lucas Grindley gets all ‘Terminator 2′ on predicting a bleak and disastrous worst-case scenario future for newspapers. In his nightmare scenario, the print editions falter, then down goes the AP, and then, perhaps a really bad person or organization is … Continue reading

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CNET, Yahoo and making use of social networks

Martin Stabe highlights a story by the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss covers a forum by the Association of Online Publishers in which representatives from CNET and Yahoo! get into the nitty-gritty of how they’re leveraging content from users and some of … Continue reading

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Web sites for citizen journalism techniques, tutorials

In response to a question on the Placeblogger listserv, I put together a list of Web sites that are great for citizen journalism tutorials (particularly free ones). Here’s the list: Knight Citizen News Network –  This site was created … Continue reading

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