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Possibly the most overused word in sports

It’s used to describe “Jack Macpherson, a key figure in the 1960s Southern California surf scene,” a New York pizza maker and “Bo Schembechler, who became one of college football’s great coaches.” They’re all “legends” or “legendary.” With all due … Continue reading

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They’re watching your edits (Part II)

A fellow named Chris Riley has built a web site that tracks the BBC news site’s judgment. Essentially, it follows what people are reading in a manner similar to a tag cloud and then compares it to the order in … Continue reading

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Careful with that internship!

There’s some great discussion going on over at Mindy McAdams’ blog regarding what to expect on the job at a newspaper site and how those jobs are evolving. One of the key pieces of advice: be wary of getting stuck … meetup grand rapids

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Pulitzer Prize shows love to the Web

The Associated Press reported today that the Pulitzer Prize rules will now allow “newspapers to submit video and interactive graphics as part of their entries for the top prize in American print journalism.” Well about gosh durn time! That’s a … Continue reading

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Oh, green, how magazines loathe thee

Slate has an interesting article on the long-held belief in the magazine industry that green is the color of death and dismal newsstand sales. Not being a magazine guy, nor having majored in design, I had not heard of such … Continue reading

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Dave Barry, the original crowdsourcer

Take a gander at Dave Barry’s hilarious Holiday Gift Guide, featuring such wonderful holiday fare as the motorized ice cream cones and nosehair clippers disguised as a finger. But pay attention to each item’s credit lines. Aside from Barry’s enormous … Continue reading

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They’re watching your edits

I caught this on Cyberjournalist: Some folks have set up a site called NewsSniffer to monitor the editing of comments and stories on the BBCNews site. The site “aims to monitor corporate news organisations to uncover bias.” I’d count on … Continue reading

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