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Top Digg users banned for itchy palms

A couple of Digg‘s most loyal users have been banned because they’ve apparently taken money for posting articles. Along with instances of phony articles appearing, it seems as if Digg has had its hands full containing some of the mayhem … Continue reading

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Compra un PC ahora!

Lost Remote yesterday highlighted the Japanese counterpart of the popular Mac ads. So I decided to sniff around and, lo and behold, anuncios para el Mac en español!Don’t miss the line about Macs selling like churros.

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Cameras exposing injustice worldwide

Singer/musician Peter Gabriel‘s human rights group Witness is dedicated to putting cameras into the hands of human rights activists to documents atrocities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Watch this video from the fabulous Technology, Entertainment & Design Conference‘s ongoing blog …

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Matt Drudge gets into the holiday spirit

Looks like the Drudge Report is getting into the Christmas spirit with green and red links! And here I thought my eyesight was going at such a tender age… Well in that case, Happy Hanukkah and a joyous Kwanzaa too!

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‘You’ was Time’s best choice

Many of the “You”s are upset with Time magazine’s choice. The blogosphere is aflame with ridicule for Time magazine’s choice for Person of the Year, “You,” an allusion to the explosion of user-generated content on the Web. It feels as … Continue reading

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Adobe unveils its CS3 icons

Look, over at Adobe! It’s a color wheel! It’s a periodic table! No…It’s the icons you’ll have on your desktop for the planned Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) … and boy are they hideous! See the large image. One reader … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s online newspapers entry

Gggg….rrrkkk….gggkk…GAAAKK! I’m just about speechless at Wikipedia’s “online newspaper” entry. Steve Yelvington has done the journalism world a service by pointing out this horror and suggesting some of our esteemed academics take a whack at it. Also check out Dave … Continue reading

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5 things you didn’t know about me

Lucas Grindley and Will Sullivan called me out in this enjoyable little game of tag everyone’s got going on. And here I was starting to feel like the chubby kid on the soccer team all over again! So, here we … Continue reading

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Yahoo! strikes down message boards

Is there a possible trend brewing here? Yahoo! News announced it has nuked its message boards because they have been causing “a small number of vocal users to dominate the discussion.” The Arizona Daily Star recently zapped ts boards as … Continue reading

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Should newspapers follow the MySpace example?

As newspapers increasingly ramp out Web 2.0 features, Ryan Sholin ponders whether we should be following MySpace’s example and start ramping out our own social networks. I’d argue that, if we were to prioritize our efforts, we should be emulating … Continue reading

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‘You’ is Time’s Person of the Year

Well this is a lot cooler than “The Whistleblowers” or the Ayatollah. TIME magazine has decided that Web users, or “You” are this year’s Person of the Year, thanks to the emergence of blogs and YouTube as a political and … Continue reading

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Instamatic rounded corner CSS boxes

Dear readers, this is perhaps as wonderful as the previously mentioned Table Tango. I’ve just stumbled across, a Web site that quickly creates the code and images for those nifty little rounded boxes you see all over the place … Continue reading

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