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Google has a free 411 service

I’d attempt to put an online journalism spin on this, but well … whatever. This is just an awesome service. Google has a free and well-done 411 service that lets you browse their listings via voice. For iPhone-less and Blackberry-less … Continue reading

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ComScore releases 2007 year in review

ComScore released its 2007 Internet Year in Review report and reports that Facebook, Craigslist, Wikipedia and AT&T have reaped some of the biggest benefits. Internet Broadcasting Systems (IBS) and WorldNow seem to be the only news-oriented properties in the top … Continue reading

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Journalistopia crime map directory updated

Hey Journalistopia denizens, just a quick heads up that I’ve been updating the Journalistopia Crime Maps Directory with all sorts of great, new stuff ever since it first appeared back in September. News organizations have definitely been embracing crime data … Continue reading

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Adrian Holovaty’s EveryBlock goes live

After being awarded a two-year Knight Foundation grant, journo-programmer maximus Adrian Holovaty has launched the highly anticipated, a site dedicated to gathering as much data about communities as possible. Holovaty has often preached about viewing the news as data. … Continue reading

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A compilation of blog pessimism

A blog pessimist can usually be identified by his disgusted yet confused expression. [Photo by Luca5] I won’t waste pixels tonight re-hashing how, despite their different modi operandi, independent blogs and mainstream news organizations can form a mutually beneficial relationship. … Continue reading

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Will Sullivan’s four best multimedia news organizations

Famed Journerdist Will Sullivan has put together a useful set of profiles of the four best online and multimedia professional journalism groups. Don’t spend a penny of your pittance of a conference budget before reading Will’s profiles. On his list … Continue reading

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Zell’s opinion of Tribune’s site redesigns

New Tribune boss Sam Zell rolled into Hartford yesterday to dish about the future of Tribune. From the Hartford Courant: Tribune must find ways to more aggressively pursue sales and “attack the Internet area much better, in a much more … Continue reading

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HowJSay: A lifesaver for voiceovers

Photo by Seven Morris You’re getting ready to do a voiceover for a Soundslide or video, when suddenly, you stumble across a word in your script you don’t know how to pronounce. At this point you can: 1) Guess, and … Continue reading

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Taking stock of your multimedia skills

January is the time for resolutions and goal-setting, so this might be a good time to take stock of your skills and get started on getting better at what you do. I came across a post today on Melissa Worden’s … Continue reading

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