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Internet Explorer 7 add-ons for the busy Web producer

Make sure to mosey on over to Wired News for their list of seven essential Internet Explorer 7 add-ons. At the top of the heap for us newsroom denizens is ieSpell, a little tool that spell checks all the text … Continue reading

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World’s best machinima (movies made from video games)

Slate has payed the world of gamer geeks a big nod by creating a slideshow of YouTube videos showcasing the very best machinima, a style of film made using the actual video games to create the scenes. The pg slot … Continue reading

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The. Coolest. Want Ad. Ever.

As if the Roanoke Times doesn’t already produce so many great multimedia news projects, now they go and produce one hell of a want ad — in this case for the top editorial job at the paper. This is one … Continue reading

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Google Maps gets more detail

The Google Maps team has officially announced some very cool new added detail to certain large cities when in the standard “Map” view. However, the new detail isn’t (yet) available through their API, so tough luck for your lovely mashups. … Continue reading

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Survey: Sports writers hate them blogs

According to a University of Mississippi study by Brad Schultz, 74 percent of sports writers surveyed disagreed that “blogging builds audience,” and 67 percent believe that those who read the blogs do not consume their traditional sports content. Is anyone … Continue reading

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Another Florida college paper bought by Gannett

Reports emerged today about Gannett purchasing the Central Florida Future, the newspaper of the University of Central Florida, which is the sixth largest university in the nation. This comes on the heels of Gannett purchasing the Florida State University paper, … Continue reading

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Al’s Morning Multimedia in your inbox

I’ve been a longtime subscriber now to Al’s Morning Meeting, a daily e-mail newsletter (or RSS feed) providing excellent story ideas by Poynter’s Al Tompkins. But aside from his thoroughly researched ideas, Al has recently begun providing a daily dose … Continue reading

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Death of the Microsoft Office paper clip

This was just too good to pass up. From the User Friendly comic strip.

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When is the gee-whiz Flash graphic worth it?

Online Journalism Review has written a piece about how to decide when to treat a story with a Flash graphic or when to just go the basic HTML page route (thanks Angela). Certainly, many newsrooms are exercising greater sophistication with … Continue reading

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New York Times publisher: ‘I really don’t know whether we’ll be printing the Times in five years’

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has published a story in which New York Times owner/publisher Arthur Sulzberger admits the future of the printed Times is bleak. From the story: Given the constant erosion of the printed press, do you see the … Continue reading

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Tornadoes strike Central Florida

I’ll be taking a short break from the blogging. Some nasty storms hit the area just north of Orlando overnight, and it’s all hands on deck. You can see the Orlando Sentinel‘s breaking coverage here. Make sure to check out … Continue reading

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Orlando Sentinel morning news crew gets started

[Full Disclosure: I am a web producer for the Orlando Sentinel.] Online news head honcho Anthony Moor shares on Cyberjournalist some of the changes going on at the Sentinel, including the creation of a morning news team that will deliver … Continue reading

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