Paul Bradshaw’s top 10 journo-bloggers

Alright, I admit it. I’m a sucker for Top 10 lists. It comes with being a contributor to a pop culture blog; Top 10 lists are our bread and butter!

So it’s no surprise that I enjoyed Paul Bradshaw’s post over at the Online Journalism Blog highlighting a list of most popular journo-bloggers based on Bloglines and Google Reader subscriptions. If you’re scouring the Web for quality online journalism blogs, then swing by, and subscribe away.

Also, make sure to take a look at the comments, as there is some hearty discussion and mentions of several highly popular blogs that weren’t on the original list.

And, in a classic Charlie Brown moment, Journalistopia scraped in at No. 11, according to Paul in the comments. Top o’ the B-list! Hoo-rah!

News sites on Facebook

facebook-thumb.gifHas your news site gotten down with Facebook yet?

Facebook recently launched product pages, where businesses can create profiles to promote themselves. While this has, until recently, been the realm of marketers and club promoters, it’s also a great opportunity for news sites to connect with readers and help shed some of that stale online image.

The Poynter Institute has a page (and yes, I’m officially a “fan”). I noticed some fellow online media bloggers are already fans as well. The New York Times has a page (with 7,000+ fans), as do we here at the Orlando Sentinel (minus the plethora of fans, of course). Searching around shows a few other news sites have hopped aboard.
Whether this is a big traffic driver or not, let’s not forget that a major role of a newspaper is being an important presence in the community. That should include online communities as well. So take a little time out of your day, and get your news site a page on some social networks.