Digital photography tutorials galore


I ran across this great list of digital photo how-tos as I was poking around the Lifehacker archives. Being that I’m a bit of a Photoshop gimmicks enthusiast, I’ll create a tutorial one of these days of my favorite Photoshop speed tricks. But in the meantime, enjoy this Lifehacker list:

  • Remove red eye in Photoshop
  • Get started on Flickr
  • Convert a photo to black and white in Photoshop (FYI, another cool way to do this is to open up your channels, test them out, and delete the ones you don’t like. Then convert to grayscale.)
  • Sharpen your images
  • Take better digital photos at night
  • Fix an underexposed photo in Photoshop
  • Batch resize photos
  • Create a photo background for photos of small objects
  • Create panoramic photos
  • Turn a photo into a cartoon
  • Create a stop-motion film with your pictures
  • Process a digital photo
  • Print your photos on the cheap
  • Use a digital SLR camera
  • Compose a photograph
  • [Photo by Bien Stephenson]

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