HowJSay: A lifesaver for voiceovers

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You’re getting ready to do a voiceover for a Soundslide or video, when suddenly, you stumble across a word in your script you don’t know how to pronounce. At this point you can:

1) Guess, and hope you don’t embarrass yourself and your entire news organization to thousands of readers.

2) Suck it up, and ask a colleague, wherein said person will secretly snicker at you forevermore for not knowing how to pronounce [INSERT NOUN HERE]

3) Admit defeat, and rewrite the damn thing.

4) Use

HowJSay has audio pronunciations for words in English, even for obscuro terms such as Nebuchadnezzar, crysantheum and Hippolyta. Sorry, no Krzyzewski or Django (And that’s JANG-O, not DEE-JAN-GO. Not a word, Alex…)

Being a dude from Hialeah, Fla., a place where most folks pronounce “cheeseburger” as “cheeebelgeh”, HowJSay will find plenty of use in my ol’ bookmarks…

[Hat tip to Lifehacker]

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