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Gary Vaynerchuk bares his passion — for communities

Kathy Sierra talked about creating passionate users earlier today, but Gary Vaynerchuk talked about creating passionate OWNERS. Vaynerchuk, host of the popular Wine Library TV online video show, worked his way into the hearts of the crowd here at the … Continue reading

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Creating passionate users in the newsroom

Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users is on the mic right now talking about how to engage users and make them passionate about your web app. While Sierra’s talking about software development, I can’t help but think that much of … Continue reading

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Live from Future of Web Apps Miami

The Orlando Sentinel Posse is here in Miami for the 2008 Future of Web Apps Conference, where he hope to figure out how we can peer into the future of web technology and apply it to the media. A few … Continue reading

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BarCamp Orlando is on!

A heads-up, mostly for fellow Floridians: FREE registration for BarCamp Orlando is open today! What is BarCamp? Event organizer Gregg Pollack says it best: BarCampOrlando is a community building event, which happens twice a year to bring together people from … Continue reading

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Snapshot of most popular social networks by country

Think MySpace and Facebook are the be-all and end-all of social networking? Well, that’s not the case if you live in France, Brazil, Russia or any other number of countries. French news site Le Monde has put together an interesting … Continue reading

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Digitial Edge Award winners announced

The Newspaper Association of America announced the winners of the 2008 Digital Edge Awards. (Hopefully an Edgie for PolitiFact will help my ol’ pal Matt Waite get over his recent Web host meltdown). And the winners are: This year’s Online … Continue reading

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Keeping online projects on target

If you’re not careful, “feature creep” can cause a project to get buried under additional requirements, resulting in big delays and a lousy outcome. Photo by wilderdom Web development and design blog Six Revisions has a fantastic article on how … Continue reading

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The copy editor and the message board…

More great cartoons at XKCD.

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Microsoft to give away development software for students

For all you aspiring journo-programmers, Microsoft has a treat for you: free software! Woot! Microsoft is launching a new initiative, DreamSpark, to offer up development and design software free to students, probably in hopes of weaning them from open-source solutions. … Continue reading

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Jakob Nielsen’s top 10 application design sins

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen published an article yesterday outlining the top 10 mistakes one can make when designing a Web application. Nielsen says: Usually, applications fail because they (a) solve the wrong problem, (b) have the wrong features for the … Continue reading

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E&P releases top 30 most popular sites

Editor & Publisher just released Nielsen data for the top 30 newspaper sites. The nutshell:, the Star Tribune and Post-Gazette are new to the list. Newsday is down a bit, and Politico is up. More here.

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Angry journalist? Let it all out

Photo by Constantelevitation Do you ever get upset at the long hours, low pay, public contempt, pinheaded editors or any other tomfoolery that goes on in the newsroom? Well, now you can finally let it all out guilt-free (that is, … Continue reading

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