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At Snopes, A Quest To Debunk Misinformation Online [NYTimes]

From the NYTimes: “The popularity of Snopes – it attracts seven million to eight million unique visitors in an average month – puts the couple in a unique position to evaluate digital society’s attitudes toward accuracy. After 14 years, they … Continue reading

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GateHouse Lawsuit vs. New York Times Co. has Dire Implications

GateHouse Media filed a lawsuit Monday against the New York Times Co. alleging copyright infringement after the NYT-owned Boston Globe frequently posted links containing headlines and the first sentences from articles on GateHouse’s community news sites. -View the Document: The … Continue reading

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CPJ: 45% of Jailed Media Workers are Online Journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists released an eye-opening report, which says that 56 of the 125 accounted-for jailed journalists in the world are bloggers and other online workers. It is the first year that online journalists account for the largest … Continue reading

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BlogOrlando Schedule Posted, Registration Open

If you’ve been waiting to see who’s coming to BlogOrlando this year before you decide to make the trip, well wait no further! The schedule is now posted and features some of the smartest blogging minds around — all for … Continue reading

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Remembering fallen journalists

In general, professionals in our industry have become obsessed with how to make our news organizations succeed in this difficult climate — and with good reason. We’re in trouble. We worry about page views-to-uniques ratios, the latest video cameras, how … Continue reading

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A cumulative glance at Romenesko

Steve Outing has took a quick look back at the last four days of journo gossip herder Romenesko’s postings to see if any pattern emerges.¬† The result: 26% of the postings are about personnel changes (announcements, deaths, etc.); 13% are … Continue reading

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An opinion on media objectivity

Steve Outing’s recent column titled “Climate Change: Get Over Objectivity, Newspapers” has resulted in a firestorm of nasty e-mails and postings, according to Outing in his blog. An idealist would say objectivity arose from a desire to have an enlightened, … Continue reading

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L.A. Times editorial board decries Google News comments

The L.A. Times editorial board on Saturday scoffed at the principles of free speech and open information with an editorial claiming that “Many publishers consider the Internet, and Google in particular, a greater threat to their livelihoods than Osama bin … Continue reading

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Journalism ethics in an understandable nutshell

The world of journalism ethics can be a complicated, scary place. The New York Times’ code of ethics [PDF] is almost thick enough at 57 pages to qualify as a textbook. Even some of the shorter ones, such as that … Continue reading

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Daily Telegraph takes heat for Virginia Tech article

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Australia is taking heat from U.S. readers for publishing the photo of one of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre and characterizing her as having “sparked” the killings. The Telegraph published a note inside … Continue reading

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Legal advice for bloggers, citizen journalists

The Online Journalism Review has an excellent article with some practical legal advice for bloggers. The article discusses the case of videoblogger Josh Wolf, as well as some of the legal implications of a blogger code of conduct. But here’s … Continue reading

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How the bad call on John Edwards’ campaign decision spread

Columbia Journalism Review’s Gal Beckerman has a thorough write-up on how the media’s prediction of John Edwards¬† closing down his campaign turned out to be astronomically wrong yesterday. The culprit, as it so often is, was a reporter relying on … Continue reading

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