The fix is in: blurry photos

CNet reports on a shiny new statistics-powered method for fixing images that are blurred from camera shake. And it takes a whiiiiile (like 15 minutes), according to the article. Here’s a description of the method:

“The technique is based on an algorithm that deduces the path that a wobbling camera took when a photo was shot, then uses that path to reverse much of the resultant blurring. The method isn’t a miracle cure, but researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Toronto have used it to significantly help a wide variety of sample images.”

The technique involves more manipulation than simple color balancing and toning. Also, it seems to occasionally alter the coloration of the photo a bit. However, if the technique restores the image as actually seen by the photographer, does it therefore make it ethical?

Author: Danny Sanchez

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