Alligator pulls out the stops for Danny Rolling execution

Take a look at today’s online Independent Florida Alligator for a great example of a college paper covering a huge event for its community. Make sure to check out the section titled “Profiles
Danny Rolling was the man convicted of horrendously murdering several University of Florida students in 1990. His shadow still largely looms over the city today.

The paper has been making advances in its online work, thanks in a big way to folks like Brett Rogiers and Andrea Morales, who always seem to be gung ho for an audio slideshow.

But in the Rolling story’s case, it appears many parts of the staff came together to help current students recognize the importance of Rolling’s execution. This is in addition to putting out a five-day-a-week paper, I might add.

Ah, I’m so proud of my Alligator homies.
(Full Disclosure: I used to spend way too many hours at the Alligator as its metro editor.)

Author: Danny Sanchez

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