Making CSS redesigns practical

Web designer Mani Sheriar has written a brilliantly easy-to-understand piece on about making your Web pages flexible in their design. If you’re looking to understand the good practices of making your site stand up to the test of a stylesheet redesign, this is the article to start with.

Just yesterday, I was thinking about how impractical it usually is to redesign a site without touching the HTML. The trick, Sheriar writes, is to code your HTML first without thinking of the design and simply provide enough places (with plenty of tags and class attributes) to “hook” your styles, much in the way the CSS Zen Garden was originally built. Sheriar has given me some of my hope back. Print this out. Tack it to your cubicle.

(And in case you missed it, here’s another great Vitamin article to tack up on the convoluted cubicle wall. This one is about online community building.)

Author: Danny Sanchez

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