Is the Facebook application boom over?

Facebook developer Jesse Farmer has compiled statistics that indicate the big boom in developing Facebook applications may be over. Perhaps Van Helsing is out whacking Facebook developers to stop the vampires and other undead applications.

Here’s the nutshell from the new Inquistr technology and pop culure blog:

“Farmer compiled statistics on Facebook developer activity and successful Facebook apps, finding that since the beginning of the year, participation on Facebook developer forums has dropped 27% by unique users, and the number of posts a day has dropped 51%. Activity in a forum doesn’t necessarily prove that the boom is over, yet Farmer also found that the number of successful Facebook applications was down 33% since January (defined by regular users).”

So does this mean Facebook application development has jumped the shark? I’d say not totally. But I  wouldn’t throw tons of developer time to developing new Facebook apps either (unless I had an absolutely rockin’ idea and perhaps a national brand to peg it to).

[20Bits: The State of the Facebook Platform]

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Author: Danny Sanchez

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  1. Yeah, you should’ve heard the conversation between my fiancee and my mother-in-law the first time mom-in-law got “poked” on Facebook.

    “Oh my god, what does that mean?! Is that vulgar?”

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