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With big layoffs occurring at various media companies, I’ve decided to troll the web in search of blogs written by insiders and other watchdogs who post memos and similar items. While Romenesko is arguably the best source out there for newspaper gossip, there are many publication-specific blogs out there.

I’ve surely missed some blogs, so please e-mail me at or drop a line in the comments with suggestions. Also, some of the blogs on this list are hosted by unions and/or may be highly critical of the companies in question, so I don’t necessarily share in their views. On to the list:


Editor & Publisher
I Want Media

MediaBistro (including FishbowlDC, FishbowlNY and FishbowlLA)
New York Observer Media Mob
Mediaweek (newspaper/magazine section chattanooga hookups)
matchmaking festival lisdoonvarnaRichard Prince (Maynard Institute)

Gannett Blog (All of Gannett)
Cincinnati Newsache (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Ruth Holladay (Indianapolis Star)
Fair Pay for York Journalists (The Press and the Gazette & Herald)

Tribune Employees Talk (All of Tribune)
Tell Zell (Tribune, LA Times)
Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
(All of Tribune)
LA Observed (LA Times)
Los Angeles Times Pressmens 20 Year Club (LA Times)
Save Our Trade (LA Times)

Etaoin Shrdlu (All of McClatchy)
McClatchy Watch (Sacramento Bee)
Herald Watch
(Miami Herald)
Random Pixels (Miami Herald)
Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp (Miami Herald)

MinnPost’s David Brauer (St. Paul Pioneer Press & Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
Oregon Media Insiders (The Oregonian, other media)
Wayne Garcia, The Political Whore – Creative Loafing (St. Petersburg Times & Tampa Tribune)
MediaNews Monitor (MediaNews)
News Journal Watch
(Daytona Beach News Journal)
Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp (Palm Beach Post, South Florida papers)
Roger Simmons (All Orlando TV stations)


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Author: Danny Sanchez

Danny Sanchez is the Audience Development Manager at Tribune's and Danny has been with Tribune since 2005 in a variety of editorial, digital and product development roles in Hartford, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. He has also previously worked in the newsrooms of the Tampa Bay Times and The Miami Herald.

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  1. Cool list. I got here via TweetWire, so it was ironic it was about the death of some old media outlets!

  2. Three to add, although one is down right now.

    and currently down, but in the past has had excellent content and terrible design (written by an alternative press reporter in dallas)

    Anyone have one that’s actually bullish on the industry?

  3. Thanks a million for the plug Danny. Running out the door for another media party before the Los Angeles Times is hit with the bad news.

    The Blogging Pressman

  4. @Edward you guys hang in there out in LA. Try to keep your chins up.

    @William, thanks, I added those a couple days ago thanks to your suggestion.

    @Steve, thanks for the suggestions.

    @Erica, I actually blogged about paper cuts the day after here on Journalistopia. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Hey Danny, Thanks for the listing on your blog. I plan on placing a link back on I happen to discover your site by reviewing our site’s visitor stats.

    These stats provide a visitors location and the site they came from. Someone in Chicago using a Tribune server left your site and came over to saveourtrade and I happen to follow that link back here. It’s a mystery who in Chicago comes to our site every day, but not why.

    Chicago Tribune Management has been visiting Ed’s site(the blogging pressman)as well as saveourtrade for quite some time now. Management certainly isn’t very happy about us blogging, but their right to publish is build on the same amendment as is ours to blog.

    Another gannett site for the list is,

    Ronnie Pineda
    L.A. Times Pressman
    GCC/IBT Member

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