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How comics can invigorate your storytelling

In today’s journalism, where different storytelling mediums have come together, it is worth taking a second look at the many graphic novels that now populate bookstore shelves. Graphic novels, what some consider glorified comic books or “sequential art,” have increasingly … Continue reading

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Find reusable photos easily

Lifehacker has a splendid post on how to find cheap or free photos that you can use in your blogs, web designs and more. Some of the tips include using a Creative Commons search interface, user-edited Wikimedia Commons, CCHits and … best dating site scotland

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At SND: Where’s the story?

Scott Horner, multimedia journalist extraordinaire from the Sun-Sentinel, tells us about the key element to making strong multimedia features: Make sure there’s a complete story! Scott’s right when he says “interactive graphics aren’t about Flash.” It’s often the case that … Continue reading

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Photo doctoring hall of fame

Check out this Web page with a great list of infamous doctored or manipulated photos. The site makes for a great set of examples for pointing out what are some unacceptable uses. Photos on the page range from clone stamp-happy … Continue reading

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The fix is in: blurry photos

CNet reports on a shiny new statistics-powered method for fixing images that are blurred from camera shake. And it takes a whiiiiile (like 15 minutes), according to the article. Here’s a description of the method: “The technique is based on … Continue reading

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