Quick list of open online journalism jobs

After being inspired by Charles Apple’s list of open journalism jobs, my Sentinel colleague Steve Mullis (soon to be at MPR in Minneapolis) has posted a list of open online journalism jobs with links over at his blog.

While some online j-jobs ask for highly technical skills such as Flash design or programming databases, many others are online copyediting jobs coupled with some basic Photoshop photo-editing know-how and the ability to understand the online audience.

[Steve Mullis – List of open online journalism jobs]

Quick list of open journalism positions

If you’re starting a search for a parach …er… another journalism job, drop by the blog of news designer Charles Apple. Apple has taken the time to compile a list of currently open journalism jobs complete with links to the openings. Most of the jobs are copyediting, design and photo jobs.

While you’re there, make sure to read some more of his other posts. He’s got some great stuff, including a closer look at the upcoming Orlando Sentinel redesign (with actual reporting!).

[Charles Apple – A quick roundup of papers looking to hire]

international matchmaker

single parent datingWith big layoffs occurring at various media companies, I’ve decided to troll the web in search of blogs written by insiders and other watchdogs who post memos and similar items. While Romenesko is arguably the best source out there for newspaper gossip, there are many publication-specific blogs out there.

I’ve surely missed some blogs, so please e-mail me at dansanufATyahoo.com or drop a line in the comments with suggestions. Also, some of the blogs on this list are hosted by unions and/or may be highly critical of the companies in question, so I don’t necessarily share in their views. On to the list:


Editor & Publisher
I Want Media

MediaBistro (including FishbowlDC, FishbowlNY and FishbowlLA)
New York Observer Media Mob
Mediaweek (newspaper/magazine section here)
Newspaper Death Watch
Richard Prince (Maynard Institute)

Gannett Blog (All of Gannett)
Cincinnati Newsache (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Ruth Holladay (Indianapolis Star)
Fair Pay for York Journalists (The Press and the Gazette & Herald)

Tribune Employees Talk (All of Tribune)
Tell Zell (Tribune, LA Times)
Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
(All of Tribune)
LA Observed (LA Times)
Los Angeles Times Pressmens 20 Year Club (LA Times)
Save Our Trade (LA Times)

Etaoin Shrdlu (All of McClatchy)
McClatchy Watch (Sacramento Bee)
Herald Watch
(Miami Herald)
Random Pixels (Miami Herald)
Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp (Miami Herald)

MinnPost’s David Brauer (St. Paul Pioneer Press & Minneapolis Star-Tribune)
Oregon Media Insiders (The Oregonian, other media)
Wayne Garcia, The Political Whore – Creative Loafing (St. Petersburg Times & Tampa Tribune)
MediaNews Monitor (MediaNews)
News Journal Watch
(Daytona Beach News Journal)
Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp (Palm Beach Post, South Florida papers)
Roger Simmons (All Orlando TV stations)


[Photo by 3fold]

Tips for working with the non-techy

This newsroom curmudgeon does not care for your overly complex RSS feed explanation. Just give him the nut graf. [Photo by broughtbooks]

Web Worker Daily posted a phenomenal list of tips for working with people who don’t have much of a technical background. If you work in the online side of a newsroom, this list pertains to you — especially when dealing with newsroom curmudgeons, salespeople and management.

The list (see Web Worker Daily for detailed explanations):
1. Avoid jargon.
2. Use analogies.
3. Talk results, not process.
4. Link to additional resources.
5. For proposals and reports, use visuals.
6. Have ready access to case studies.
7. Refer to related events or issues that have been brought up by mainstream media.
8. Illustrate what that idea/app/process has to do with their jobs or sales.
9. Introduce new technologies gradually.
10. Be patient, or at least look like it.

I imagine many of you are curious about how the multi-dimensional database behind Widget X works or how the web scrape circumvents the authentication mechanism, but explaining the process behind that to some folks will turn them into rabid, drooling zombies.

Just stick to the tips on the list. This one is a keeper.

[Web Worker Daily: 10 Tips for Working with the Not-So-Tech-Savvy]

Getting hitched, light posting

Hey Journalistopians, just wanted to let you all know that posting has been light (and will be for a bit) because yours truly is getting married in about a month.

So since the “I can’t order the tuxedos because I’m blogging” explanation doesn’t quite fly with the fiancee, I’ll be taking a little break here. You can follow me on Twitter in the meantime though.

Be back soon!


Free Spanish-language dictionary of the Internet

Have you been searching the blogosfera for a Spanish-language guide to Internet terminology? Look no further than the Diccionario de Internet [Dictionary of the Internet].

The guide, put together by online marketer Jorge Ontalba, is available as a free PDF download (NOTE: it needs to be extracted using a tool like 7-Zip). The dictionary covers a wide variety of Internet terms mostly in English with Spanish definitions, though there are more than a few Spanish-specific terms.

The next time you’re in Spain or Latin America, make sure to peruse the Diccionario de Internet and make sure you’ve learned all of your palabras clave.

[Diccionario de Internet PDF download]

[Tip o’ the hat to CiberPrensa]

Webby Award winners announced (with news organization list)

Just announced: 2008’s Webby Award winners! The Webby Awards picks through the best of the Web and grants awards in more categories than you can shake a stick at.

I’ve pored through the list and extracted the winners from news-related categories, as well as news organizations that won in other categories, such as science or best practices. Here’s the Journalistopia-edited list. Apologies in advance if I missed anyone:

Best Copy/Writing
(Also nominated: HowStuffWorks, Design Observer, NYTimes.com and Slate)

Best Use of Photography
Your Shot – National Geographic Magazine

Blog – Business
FT.com Alphaville

Blog – Political
The Huffington Post

ABC.com Full Episode Player

National Geographic Magazine Online
(Also nominated: Dwell.com, Makezine, NYMag, Yoga Journal Yoga Journal)

BBC Radio 1 Meet the DJs

(Also nominated: BBC News, Wired, CNN and Discovery News)

(Also nominated: The Guardian, the Independent, the Wall Street Journal and Variety)

BBC World Service channel site


Yahoo! Sports
(Also nominated: ESPN.com, Nike Skateboarding, Spyker F1 Magazine, Sweet Spots)

HBO Voyeur


Best Use of Animation/Motion Graphics
The New York Times/T: The New York TImes Style Magazine “Circle Squared”

Best Writing
Onion News Network

Documentary: Individual Episode
Coney Island: An Uncertain Future
Getty Images

News and Politics: Individual Episode
Finding the Way Home

Travel (video)
Frugal Traveler: American Road Trip – NYTimes.com/Video


Entertainment (mobile)
Cosmo Mobile: 100 Hot Cities, Fake Calls, Dude Decoder & Cocktails!

Listing and Updates (mobile)
The New York Times Mobile Real Estate Listings

News (mobile)
Mobile NYTimes

Sports (mobile)
ESPN.com (Wireless)

ALSO: Shoutouts to NYTimes.com for their best practices and best visual design/function nominations, Mama Trib’s Swamp blog for best political blog nomination, National Geographic for their best home page People’s Voice award, Consumer Reports for their Guides/Ratings/Review People’s Voice award, the Guardian and Onion for their podcasts nominations, NPR for their politics nomination, NPR and the BBC for their religion and spirituality nominations, Frontline World for their Documentary: Series and Documentray: Individual nominations, U.S. News and World Report for their Best Writing (video) nomination, the New Yorker’s animated cartoons for their animation nomination, CBS for their sports (video) nomination and many more.

Yep, no news site nominees in the navigation and structure categories. We’ll have to work on that…

Getcher angry journalist t-shirts!

T-Shirt: Journalists get laid (off)I’ve got to give big credit to Kiyoshi Martinez for giving psychological relief to an entire industry. Not only has the AngryJournalist.com gripe board taken off, but now Martinez is selling some of the most hilarious journo shirts ever made.

But of course, most of the shirts are reminiscent of Howard Beale’s “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it any more” rant in ‘Network’.

Angry ink-stained wretch shirts here.

[Tip ‘o the hat to Gannett Blog.]

Searching for blogs in español

Journalistopians, I have a small request: I’m looking for interesting blogs about online journalism and/or design written in Spanish, and I could use your help.

If you know of any blogs that fit the bill, please drop a comment with a link, or message me at dansanufATyahoo.com. Thanks!


(Perdóname si mi español no está perfecto…)

Journalistopianos, tengo una petición pequeña: Estoy buscando blogs interesante sobre el periodismo y diseño electrónico, y necesito su ayuda.

Si usted conoce algunos blogs, por favor déjame un comentario o envíeme un correo electrónico a dansanufATyahoo.com. ¡Gracias!