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How to Save Your Online Clips

Count on the fact that some of the journalism work living on your news site will go up in smoke. To protect yourself, make sure you’re keeping digital copies of your portfolio. [Photo by Mr. Peebles] Journo/developer Joe Murphy has … Continue reading

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25+ of Danny’s Favorite Multimedia Tools

Many handymen have a favorite wrench or drill they adore and always keep with them. Well, journo-geeks are no exception. Below is a shortlist of more than 25 of my favorite (and mostly free) multimedia tools. I put together this … Continue reading

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New Tableizer! Tool Turns Spreadsheets into HTML Charts

Web producers here in our newsroom often have to throw up quick charts of data online, but hand-editing a table from a spreadsheet or exporting it from Office or Dreamweaver can be a time-consuming endeavor. Well, now you have Tableize!, … Continue reading

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News Sites’ Next Killer App for Comments

Any of you developers want to get cracking on this idea for news site comments?  Pretty please? Original comic from XKCD here. [XKCD – Listen to Yourself]

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Screencasts: Learning Django from the Ground Up

If at some point you peeked over at my reading list on the right rail of this blog, you’ll have noticed that I’m currently engaged in learning the Django web development framework for Python (with invaluable help from some talented … Continue reading

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