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5 Ways to Monitor Your News Competition Online

Being a sharp online editor means keeping a close watch on your competitors. [Photo by Pkabz] Do you want to explain to your editor why you didn’t know about the huge news that’s been on your competition’s site for more … Continue reading

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New Tableizer! Tool Turns Spreadsheets into HTML Charts

Web producers here in our newsroom often have to throw up quick charts of data online, but hand-editing a table from a spreadsheet or exporting it from Office or Dreamweaver can be a time-consuming endeavor. Well, now you have Tableize!, … meetup grand rapids

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Overcome evil article pagination with Firefox add-on

Hard-core news junkies hate it. Matt Drudge hates it. You surely hate it too: article pagination. This: Some folks have learned to hit that “Print” button to get just the text. However, other sites just call a printer stylesheet. Lucky … Continue reading

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HowJSay: A lifesaver for voiceovers

Photo by Seven Morris You’re getting ready to do a voiceover for a Soundslide or video, when suddenly, you stumble across a word in your script you don’t know how to pronounce. At this point you can: 1) Guess, and … Continue reading

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Journalistopia online crime maps directory

Crime maps of all flavors are the rage nowadays ever since developer/journalist Adrian Holovaty created the now-famous in May, 2005. These days, everyone from independent designers to large newspaper companies are creating crime maps, causing severe headaches for police … Continue reading

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80 awesome Photoshop text tutorials

I just love it when someone does the work for me of compiling awesome tutorials. Check out this list of 80 Photoshop text tutorials that covers everything from text written in the sand to the Superman effect. And yes, these … Continue reading

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Test designs in multiple browsers with IE NetRenderer

Oh, the consternation Microsoft has caused us web designers by not allowing us to run multiple versions of Internet Explorer. I’ve been checking around for some time now, and it appears the only way to run IE6 and IE7 at … Continue reading

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Online tools for freelancers

Lifehacker highlights a great list of 100 free or low-cost tools especially made for freelancers. The list includes project management tools, financial services, online storage/data transfer space and professional social networking sites. Missing from this list are a good RSS … Continue reading

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10-minute tutorials for the Flash-impaired

Flashionista and University of Florida professor extraordinaire Mindy McAdams has published some long-awaited tutorials on how to use Flash. The tutorials, each 10 minutes long, are geared toward those of you who have yet to crack Flash open or are … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Speedy text edits with Microsoft Word hidden characters

Ever had a really long block of text that needed an extra line after every mark? Or are there random extra spaces littered throughout some text you received? Are Word macros a mystery to you? Being a busy Web producer … Continue reading

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Typetester: Tool to compare fonts online

Typetester is a wonderful little online tool that lets you quickly compare just about every aspect of type that can be altered using CSS. The tool lets you compare font, leading, size, word spacing, weight, text decoration and much more. … Continue reading

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New Google Maps tutorials for PHP, MySQL

The folks over at Google Maps have just written up some new rockin tutorials on how to do neat, advanced stuff with map mashups. I’ll be tearing through these soon, at least once I pick through some of the loot … Continue reading

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