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New changes to Google News headline display in SERPs

It appears Google has been tweaking the display of Google News content in its search engine results pages, occasionally showing a new design for certain keyphrases. The different layout, shown below, features a gray bounding box around the Google News … Continue reading

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Google poised to bite local publisher classified revenue

Leaders at newspaper sites like to set their crosshairs on Craigslist for the evaporation of classified revenue they experienced, but it is actually Google that is poised to take a big bite out of what’s left of that revenue. First, … Continue reading

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Google puts ads on Google News

To those of you who said “Google News isn’t a media  competitor! It’s just an aggregator:” I give you AdWords on Google News. I’ve previously written about how Google News was generating more than $100 million in revenue, according to … Continue reading

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Tips for Optimizing Content for Google News

The Google News team today published a list of tips on its official blog for making sure publishers’ content is optimized for inclusion in Google News. Here’s a quickfire version of their list: -Keep the article body clean Avoid strange … Continue reading

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GateHouse Lawsuit vs. New York Times Co. has Dire Implications

GateHouse Media filed a lawsuit Monday against the New York Times Co. alleging copyright infringement after the NYT-owned Boston Globe frequently posted links containing headlines and the first sentences from articles on GateHouse’s community news sites. -View the Document: The … Continue reading

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Garbage SEO journalism

I’m a big fan of optimizing headlines for search engines so they can be found, but sometimes sites go too far. At the moment, there are unverified rumors crawling around the Internet that actor James Earl Jones died. So I … Continue reading

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Google News Launches Newspaper Archive Service

Google today announced the launch of a new service on Google News that will archive newspaper pages exactly as they originally appeared in print. According to the post, Google is partnering with newspaper publishers to enhance its archive search with … Continue reading

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Google News Drives $100 million in Revenue to Google, says VP

Fortune magazine reports that Google vice president Marissa Mayer publicly stated that Google News –an aggregator that contains no advertising– draws in approximately $100 million in revenue from paid searches that get funneled through the site. Fortune opines: “It’s not … Continue reading

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Google’s ‘Knol’ is Direct Challenge to Media Companies

Google today announced the launch of Knol, a Wikipedia-esque site that hosts articles from contributors. Google hopes the articles become among the most authoritative on the Web — which represents a direct challenge to media sites. In a June 2006 … Continue reading

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Google to Offer up Potential ComScore and Nielsen-killer

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google will announce a new metrics tool to measure web site audience, a service that would make a major dent in current power players Nielsen and ComScore. [UPDATE: The New York Times Bits blog … Continue reading

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Insider’s guide to getting into Google News

Robert Niles over at OJR reports on the NewsTools 2008 conference, where Google News insider Daniel Meredith explained how Google decides which publishers to include in its Google News index (official instructions here). If you’re at a major newspaper site, … Continue reading

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Google News Myths vs. Truths

Required reading this week from the Google News Blog: a handy guide on some of the mysterious aspects  of Google News. Does Google News care that you’ve updated your story? Does AdSense improve your article’s ranking? How does having a … Continue reading

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